The Brilliant Things

A brand new duo with a fresh offering of intelligent synth-pop. Marie Junior and Greg French are The Brilliant Things, and Stronger Than Romeo is the title of their forthcoming album. Both in their twenties, they independently experienced various aspects of the music industry before getting together earlier this year. Multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer Greg French has worked at various studios as an assistant engineer, including stints with The Corrs, Bono, Van Morrison, Mutt Lange and Brian Eno. Marie has grown up in a music business environment, her father being a musician and band manager, and having spent years travelling with other pop artist, she embarked on a solo career as Sweet T, under which name she procured a Top 40 hit in the Irish Charts with her cover of The Mekons “I Love A Millionarie” The Brilliant Things write their own often cheekily cynical material, and are currently fashioning the songs for their first album release under the guidance of Corrs producer Olle Romo.


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