Contact Spokes Records / Demo Submission Policy

Please read the following before submitting a demo or emailing Spokes Records.

If you have read the below and would like to submit a demo please email marieanna(at)spokesrecords(dot)com with your links to your tracks, website / facebook page.

Spokes Records like listening to demos from bands and Artists.  There are a few simple steps you can follow which will aid in the demo being considered.

We like online links to music – Soundcloud is good.  A YouTube video is also good.

We like to see that you have a digital presence already, be it a website or Facebook page or whatever online presence works for you.

Have a good long think and send what you think are your two or three best songs.   We can always ask for more if we like what we hear.

We like to see activity when we consider demos.  We like bands and artists who are working, out playing gigs etc. and constantly writing and working on new music. Do let us know what you are doing and working on.

We are sorry but we cannot reply to all submissions.