“You Have Burnt A Bridge is reminiscent of Air with its fuzzy, light keyboard refrain while Look is much darker, a wordless Blade Runner soundscape. Edwards is making great music that will test people’s perceptions.”
—The Sun

“Soaked in the kind of emotive mystery that the likes of film-maker David Lynch will be lusting and salivating over.”
—DJ Magazine (4****)

“…an album of minimalist mood music that nods it’s head to Low era David Bowie, Music for Airports era Brian Eno and the entire Harold Budd ouvre. This is music that wraps you in a safe and comforting glow and is better for your blood pressure than a strict vegetarian diet.”
—The Devil Has the Best Tuna

“The Times’ music critic decides ‘I can do this lark too’ and comes up with his own ambient album. Edwards shows skill at creating playful little motifs that get under the skin…it’s unceasingly pretty.”
—John Earls, Teletext

“There is a great deal of beauty encased in these songs. …Pink Floyd can be heard in every pluck of Edwards’ guitar, David Gilmour would be most impressed, and so am I…some truly enjoyable instrumentals.”
—David Samuels, Subba-Culcha

“How much you take to Balance will depend on how much you like your music chilled out, blissful and distinctly adopting a less is more approach. It should be interesting to see where Edwards goes from here…”
—Jack Foley, Indielondon

“Mark Edwards’ Balance is an album full of intensely musical soundscapes…’When the Space Unfolds’, ‘There Is No Hope In Perfection’ and ‘Noel Gallagher Lives His Dream’ are obscure-classics and ‘Aviva Hotel’ is a great track. It may not be the type of record that’s likely to sprint into the public concious, but it’s far too good to be kept hidden away”.
—Saur, The Mag


“Halfway between Kate Bush and The Corrs is where you’ll find Tara Blaise. She shares some of Bush’s vocal catches, quirks and Swoops, but not in such a mannered way. The connection with The Corrs is more obvious: she shares the same manager, who clearly sees many of the same qualities in her that he saw in the multi-platinum band. I wouldn’t want to bet against Blaise eventually shifting similar quantities of records, given the potential of both her voice and her songs, which stick to traditional pop territory. The album’s biggest hit-in-waiting, The Three Degrees, will be released in August, but pretty much everything here could be a single – and there aren’t many albums you can say that about”
—Sunday Times