The Artane Band

The Artane Band are the “Jewel in the Crown” of the Artane School of Music

The Artane Band have been in existence since 1872, and to date; have played for every President and Taoiseach of Ireland, three Presidents of the United States,  three Kings and Queens of the United Kingdom,as well as many other heads of state, in their long history. They have a unique and long standing  relationship with the GAA and are a well known feature of all Ireland Sundays. The Artane Band are perhaps best known for their appearances in Croke park; but are now equally well known as concert and ensemble players of the highest regard. The Artane School of Music takes great pride in the development of the skills, knowledge and technical ability required to reach the highest level of performance achievable by our young students.

The Artane Band and GAA celebrate a 130 year partnership

On June 14th 2016 the Artane Band and the GAA celebrated a 130 year partnership that has come to define big match days in Croke Park. The relationship began at the Whit Monday games on June 14th in 1886. The GAA was still a fledgling organization at that time. The games were held at the North Circular Road grounds, and due to their proximity to the event, the Artane School Band was engaged to entertain the crowd. What followed was a thirteen decade partnership and friendship that continues to grow in strength. The sight and sounds of the Artane Band have become synonymous with the GAA end of season finals, and the parade of teams to this day, is a unique mix of Irish sporting and cultural pageantry. Many stars of Gaelic games over the years have mentioned the importance of marching behind “the band”- for some, it was an opportunity to look for family or friends in the stands, for others, an opportunity to check out their opposite number, but for all, a time to take in all the drama, colour and noise of a packed Croke Park.

The Artane Band, in their famous blue and scarlet, will march into the future proud of its association with the GAA in celebration of a unique and historic combination of sporting and musical excellence.

Artane Band – Glasgow Tattoo 2017